Artist Statement

Hola! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my creations!

As a freelance painter/artist I have gained experience in selling original, commissioned, and charity/auction paintings. I enjoy working with various styles and strive to be as well rounded as I can. I have designed t-shirts, company logos, and stickers! Not only am I an artist, but I also work part-time at an art store, so I have a good knowledge on products and how they can be used.

Art and creating is my life so I can guarantee any thing that I create will be made with passion and love!

Painting Sales:

  • Some of the featured paintings can be recreated, shoot me an email if interested in a specific one.
  • Prints of featured paintings can be produced, prices will vary per design.
  • I do take commissions/requests for paintings.
  • If interested in purchasing stickers, painting remake, or having a commissioned painting created just shoot me a quick email on my contact page with the general details of what you are wanting and I will get back to you with a price¬†range and any other details. :)

Any unauthorized use of photos is strictly prohibited and is in violation of Copyright.